Lady and The Harlot™
Lady and The Harlot™
S01 E41: Red Flags

In this new episode of Lady and the Harlot Podcast, we discuss the topic “Red Flags.”  When dating or starting a new relationship, Red flags shouldn’t be ignored. Sure, maintaining any relationship requires compromise or sacrifice, but you should never give up your wants and needs or put your happiness at bay. And when we’re newly in love, relationship red flags can be notoriously easy to miss or ignore — although they’re usually clear as day after the fact.  Red flags in a relationship include certain behavioral issues, jealousy, frequent lying,  not being able to properly communicate, etc. Another major red flag is an unwillingness to compromise or possibly not being fully ready to be in a relationship because they are still stuck on the Ex.  At the end of the day relationships shouldn’t be one-sided. Please join us as we dive into “Red Flags.” 

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