S01 E60: Questions of the Heart “Relationship Debates”

Lady and The Harlot™
Lady and The Harlot™
S01 E60: Questions of the Heart "Relationship Debates"

In this weeks episode of Lady and the Harlot Podcast, we decided to play Tonight’s Conversation Cards – Relationship Debates yet again!! We just cant get enough of this game that takes us to the heart of how we may see the world through exciting Q&A on spicy relationship scenarios. We also decided to call these questions of the heart. At the end of the day, we all want to know where our partners head is at when it comes to relationships and if we are on the same page. Are you ready to join us and state your case? I know we are!!

Tune in on the fun and let us know some of your responses to these questions, while we play the game “RELATIONSHIP DEBATES”. 

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